Sunday, November 3, 2013

Singapore Orchid $10000 Jigsaw (Framed) (LIMITED EDITION)

Price: $1000

RARE ANTIQUE! It was manufactured by Money World to a mintage of 5,000. When launched, there were long queues for this product! However, all pictures of banknotes had to be printed with the word "SPECIMEN" or "COPY" or "REPRODUCTION". Since this jigsaw was not done so, it had to be recalled, further reducing the mintage! Now, it is very hard to find such antique that is more than 40 years old and in such a good condition! Get it now before its gone! 

Condition: Green coloured, similar to the original Orchid $10000. Wrapped in plastic, with practically no foxing (aging) at all. Mounted on a frame, ready for display.

If interested, please contact me at 98558652. Alternatively, leave your details on the tagboard and we will get back to you soon.

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  1. Is there anyone interested 10,000 Singapore Orchid Series ? Characteristic features is appropriate from MAS instruction ( 2 security threads ) and not REPRODUCTION.
    Detail :
    - It has watermark
    - The orchids was shine in ultraviolet
    - Text of "MAJULAH SINGAPURA" was arise if in touched
    - It has 2 security threads
    - In thread has "KING SINGAPORE" text
    - The red box seal was shine in ultraviolet
    Contact :
    email :