Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Indonesia 100 Rupiah (100 runs)

Price: $35

Uncirculated in mint condition.

100 runs. Serial number may be different from that shown in the photo. 

Features: Anak Krakatoa (the famous Krakatoa Volcano) and Pinisi sailboat.

This series of 100 Rupiah was printed from the year 1992 to 2000. However, production ceased temporarily for the year 1998. 100 runs from the 1st production year (1992) can fetch between US$80-100. Subsequent years can fetch between US$30-50, depending on the production year. Currently, the most common is from the year 2000.

I personally sourced these products from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sellers are going to the extent of inserting similar notes of different serial numbers to deceive buyers that it is 100 runs. This proves that these products are running scarce in the country. Buy from us with confidence! We guarantee 100 runs. If not, money back guaranteed!

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